Us Against Alzheimer’s

Rapídne zvýšenie výkonnosti Ad Grants kampaní za 3 mesiace.


UsAgainstAlzheimer’s is an innovative non-profit organization committed to ending Alzheimer’s by 2020. It presses for greater urgency from government, industry, and the scientific community in the quest for an Alzheimer’s cure.

Marketing Goals

  • Audit and reorganize existing Ad Grants account
  • Increase the grant utilization
  • Increase the website traffic volume
  • Set up new conversion actions
  • Improve bounce rate, average session duration, number of pages/visit and conversion rate

Success Metrics

  • Use at least 95% of the grant on a consistent basis
  • Generate 6k new website visits per month
  • Lower the bounce rate from Ad Grants visits by 15%
  • Increase the conversion rate to 3%

Initial Situation

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s had an existing account previously managed by our partner agency. The grant utilization was lacking, conversion tracking wasn’t fully set up and the traffic quality of Ad Grants campaigns lagged behind other traffic sources.

Our partner agency decided to contract AboveX Digital for 3 months in late 2016 to audit the account, identify performance improvement opportunities, implement proper conversion tracking, and increase the quality and quantity of Ad Grants traffic. We liked UsAgainstAlzheimer’s cause and decided to take this challenge.


Due to limited cooperation time we’ve agreed on a detailed strategy with strict deadlines. The strategy overview is below:

  1. Get access to existing Google Ads and Analytics accounts
  2. Discuss marketing goals, create new campaign structure and project timeline
  3. Create new campaigns in the agreed structure
  4. Set up Web Analytics and define KPIs
  5. Add all relevant Ad Extensions
  6. Expand existing campaigns with new keyword variations
  7. Utilize experiment to test out new ideas
  8. Reporting, regular alignment, and continuous traffic quality improvement


1. Campaign Goals

  • The first step was to define measurable, optimistic but achievable objectives based on past program performance
  • All goals were set to be achieved during a 3-month long cooperation
  • A primary goal was to increase the grant utilization and click volume, a secondary goal was to improve the traffic quality via keyword and ad copy optimization

2. Campaign structure

  • A vital part of program expansion is keyword list development
  • Hundreds of relevant keywords were added based on website keywords and their heavily searched variants
  • All keywords were organized in new campaigns and tightly related adgroups to facilitate the best possible ad relevancy and visibility into campaign results

3. Campaign creation

  • After we picked up keywords and organized them into campaigns, we set up campaign budgets, bids, and targeting
  • All of these settings were aligned with marketing goals
  • Next step was to craft unique ad copy relevant to each keyword theme
  • Lingo and wording was approved by the client before launch

4. Analytics setup

  • In the next stage, we set up all meaningful website conversions using Google Analytics events
  • After the event tracking implementation was tested we created conversion goals and imported them over to Google Ads
  • Every campaign from that point on was evaluated based on the number and type of conversions it brought in

5. Ad Extension setup

  • Ad extensions visually increase the size of the ad and provide additional relevant information at the same time
  • They increase the ad click-thru rate thus indirectly reducing cost per click
  • We decided to add 2 most prominent types – sitelink extensions and callout extensions
  • Both started to generate a large number of clicks right after launch

6. Campaign optimization

  • Keywords we added were being matched by various phrases
  • On a regular basis, we kept adding best-performing long-tail phrases and removing those that did not convert or were not related
  • That way we kept growing the keyword list with keywords that had proven track of record

7. Campaign experiments

  • After we had the first real campaign data we were able to identify potential areas for improvement
  • Landing page relevance was identified as a key factor influencing average session duration, bounce rate as well as conversion rate
  • We decided to run an experiment when we swapped landing pages of few most clicked ads in 3 campaigns
  • Later on, we also tested more descriptive ad texts in campaigns with least quality visits


Our efforts worked out shortly after we took the account over. Data-driven campaign expansion, keyword, and ad copy optimization coupled with proper conversion tracking help us significantly improve the total performance of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Ad Grants account. The results after 3 months of cooperation were:

  • 96% average ad grant utilization
  • 15% increase in traffic volume
  • 19% lower bounce rate
  • 188 new conversions tracked with a total conversion rate exceeding 3%

After the cooperation was over, the entire campaign setup stayed in place and UsAgainstAlzheimer’s continued to benefit from it.

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