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Sign up for our new free Fundraising webinar on July 29th. Learn to design your fundraising campaign for the next Holiday season. Sign up here.

Sign up for our new free Fundraising webinar on July 29th. Learn to design your fundraising campaign for the next Holiday season. Sign up here.


Animal Rescue Rhode Island

Full grant utilization & hundreds of calls in 2 months.


Animal Rescue Rhode Island (ARRI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned, neglected, and abused animals in Rhode Island, United States. Since its inception, ARRI has been committed to providing shelter, medical care, and finding loving homes for animals in need.

Marketing Goals

  • Spread the awareness about ARRI’s mission and activities.
  • Increase the volume of completed adoption applications and donations.
  • Increase the number of volunteers.
  • Drive event ticket sales.
  • Link ARRI’s Google Business Profile with Google Ads and drive actions within Google Maps (driving directions, calls, and similar).


Initial Situation

When we established our cooperation, ARRI had a new Google Ad Grants account, which hasn’t yet been used. The organization also wasn’t fully aware of the opportunities they were missing out on. Without the support of Google Ad Grants, ARRI relied on other marketing channels to raise awareness and support for their cause. Although these methods had been somewhat effective, ARRI struggled to maximize its potential for driving donations, increasing adoption applications, and recruiting volunteers. Their overall visibility in Google search results was low due to lacking SEO and the complete absence of Google Ads.

Recognizing the need for a more robust and effective marketing strategy, ARRI sought our expertise to harness the power of Google Ad Grants. The goal was to enhance their online presence, reach a broader audience, and ultimately drive more support for their mission (animal adoptions and donations).

Impact of Google Ad Grants

In February 2023, a collaboration with ARRI was established. Despite targeting a smaller state, their campaigns quickly gained traction. It only took approximately two months for ARRI to fully utilize the entire grant. However, without proper campaign optimization and conversion tracking, none of this would have been possible. Let’s look at the process from the very beginning:

1. First, we developed a comprehensive campaign structure, detailing the campaigns and keywords we intended to include in the account. Here are some examples of the implemented campaigns:

  • Brand
  • Dynamic
  • Pet Lovers
  • Shelter
  • Adoption – Dog
  • Adoption – Cat
  • Food Pantry
  • Donate – Money
  • Donate – Items

2. Next, we prepared an ad copy proposal document, ensuring each headline adhered to the 30-character limit and each description line was no more than 90 characters. Below is an example of one of their ad copies:

  • Campaign: Brand
  • Ad Group: Animal Rescue Rhode Island
  • Headline 1: Animal Rescue Rhode Island
  • Headline 2: Saving Companion Animals
  • Headline 3: Support Our Mission Today
  • Headline 4: Animal Rescue Nonprofit
  • Headline 5: For Homeless Animals Welfare
  • Headline 6: Visit Us At
  • Description line 1: Bringing Families & Best Friends Together Since 1993. Support Our Great Cause & Donate!
  • Description line 2: Dedicated To Rescuing Companion Animals & To The Humane Welfare Of Homeless Animals. Call!
  • Description line 3: Striving To Achieve Compassionate & Responsible Care For All Companion Animals. Donate!
  • Description line 4: ARRI Rescues Abandoned, Abused & Surrendered Animals Without Geographic Limitation. Call!
  • Final URL:

3. After the client reviewed and approved the ad copy proposal, we proceeded with the account setup.

4. Lastly, we configured a basic conversion tracking setup. Since then, we’ve recorded over 300 calls.

The current campaign performance exceeds our initial expectations. Keywords related to animals are frequently searched, and due to the relatively low competitiveness in this area, our Google Ad Grants campaigns perform exceptionally well for ARRI and other similar organizations. On a monthly basis, we achieve the following metrics on average:

  • Clicks: 1000
  • Impressions: 4000
  • Conversions: 230
  • CTR: 25%
  • Conversion rate: 23%

We currently track the following conversion actions in their Google Ad Grants account:

  • Calls (both calls initiated via ads and calls originating on the website)
  • Local actions (requests for directions and other engagements with their organization on Google Maps)
  • Engaged website visits (visits when a user views 3 or more pages)

The way forward

  • Looking ahead, we suggest setting up advanced conversion tracking for ARRI, which would provide a full picture of the campaign performance and help bidding algorithms used in campaigns optimize the campaigns against the maximum number of valuable conversions. Those would include form submissions, clicks on call-to-action buttons and similar. These actions need to be implemented via Google Tag Manager.
  • Test display retargeting campaign in their commercial account to re-engage website visitors and increase the conversion rate. Display campaigns are also very efficient in driving brand awareness. We propose an initial test with a small media budget that might turn into a larger-scale evergreen campaign if we see a positive ROI.


Through strategic adjustments and diligent monitoring, Animal Rescue Rhode Island has achieved remarkable outcomes in awareness, engagement, and support. Grant campaigns quickly took off and current conversion results already exceed the initial goals formulated by the client.

This collaboration demonstrates that similar organizations can also drive meaningful impact within their communities by effectively employing Google Ad Grants campaigns. If you wish to take your nonprofit to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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