Account Audit

Has your Ad Grant account been suspended? You are not sure if you are fully compliant? We can help!

An Automated Account Audit

Is a fast and free way to ensure that your account is in good standing. Understand if you are compliant with all Ad Grants program requirements & receive personalized tips to become fully compliant. The audit is fully automated and only takes a few moments.

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Benefits of Automated Audit

Review your compliance status

Ensure policy compliance

Ensure policy compliance

Run our audit and find out if you follow all program rules. Identify problematic areas, fix them upfront and avoid account suspension.

Compliance tips

Compliance tips

Our audit does not end by stating what the problems are. We will also deliver a list of optimization ideas and tips to achieve full compliance.

Free and 100% safe

Free and 100% safe

Our audit works automatically, it is absolutely free and safe. No data will be shared and nothing is your account will be modified.

Expert audit

Expert audit

We have reviewed hundreds of Google Ads accounts. Contact us and we will be also glad to conduct a manual in-depth audit of your account.

What Will We Check

Automatic checker will scan your account and identify problematic compliance area within seconds. You will receive a report outlining all new Ad Grants requirements and an indication of your compliance along with optimization tips. That way you can prevent account suspension and fix problems before they become critical.

  1. Minimum CTR requirement
  2. Keyword quality requirement
  3. Utilization of top bidding strategies
  4. Geo targeting set properly
  5. Usage of sitelink extensions
  6. Proper campaign structure
  7. Conversion tracking setup
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How Does It Work

Enter your details and start the audit

Enter your Name & Work E-mail in the form below and hit "Check your account". Your data will be safely stored and never shared nor used for any unsolicited communication.

Log into your Google Ads account

Once the Google login window pops up, sign in with your non-MCC Ad Grants credentials. Please note that we will have read-only access and will never be able to change anything in your account.

Let us work for few moments

The automated tool will analyze the structure, settings and performance of all campaigns in the account. Depending on the account's complexity this takes up to 2 minutes. Thanks for your patience.

Get your Ad Grants compliance report

Find out if you are fully compliant & uncover any problematic areas. We will also provide you with tailored tips to optimize your account, improve performance and reach full compliance!

Account audit
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