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AdWords account (341-523-7457)

This account IS NOT COMPLIANT with all new Ad Grants program requirements! To prevent this account from suspension we would recommend fixing following problems ASAP:

Please let us know if you would like to get your account manually audited by an experienced Google Adwords certified professional. We will not just help you to get fully compliant but also identify performance gaps and improvement opportunities.

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Click through rate

All Ad Grants accounts are required to maintain CTR above 5% in all calendar months.

  • PASS --> CTR in last two calendar months (2020-03, 2020-02) has always been more than 5% (20.54% and 19.19%). Total CTR of this account for last 30 days is 19.43%. There are 7 campaigns with CTR below 5%. An example of non-compliant campaign: EN-Art Shop
Keyword quality

Single-word keywords, too generic keywords, keywords with low quality scores or keywords belonging to brand other than yours are not allowed in grant accounts.

  • 1. Single word keywords FAIL --> 6 not allowed active single-word keywords are used within this account (please note that brand names are ok): An example of non-compliant keyword: "danubiana", "danubiana", "Danubiana", "Danubiana", "Danubiana"
  • 2. Minimum quality score requirement PASS --> There are no active keywords with quality score less than or equal 2 (yesterday)


1. Single word keywords You can fix this simply by pausing all single-word keywords and replacing them by more descriptive variations.

2. Minimum quality score requirement To bring your account into compliance pause all keywords with quality scores of 1 or 2. To keep the click volume keep adding more relevant keyword variations from the search term report.

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All campaigns should target area serviced by your organization.

  • PASS --> All location targets are properly set on campaign level
Active sitelink extensions

Each campaign is required to include at least 2 active sitelink extensions.

  • FAIL --> There are active campaigns that don't have at least two active sitelink extensions. An example of non-compliant campaign: EN - Dynamic


Create multiple sitelinks linking to various pages of your website and assign them to all campaigns. Make sure they are relevant to keywords included in the campaign.

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Active ad groups and active ads

At least 2 active ad groups must be included in each active campaign. Also, each active ad group has to include a pair of active ads.

  • FAIL --> There is 1 campaign with less than 2 active ad groups. Name: EN-Obrazy


Create multiple tightly-themed ad groups in each campaign. Make sure each of these ad groups includes at least 2 active ads.

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Conversion tracking

Although not required, it is highly recommended to set up conversion tracking. It not just facilitates performance measurement and optimization but it also allows you to use automated bidding strategies.

  • PASS --> There has been at least 1 conversion tracked in last 30 days.
Bidding strategies

Automated bidding strategies can set bids higher than usual maximum of $2 thus generating more traffic from well-converting keywords. It is not required to use them but they tend to produce strong results.

  • 31 out of 31 active campaigns use bidding strategy MAXIMIZE_CONVERSIONS. An example of campaign using this strategy: DE-Brand
Linked domains

Ads in Ad Grants accounts are only allowed to link an approved domain. Make sure all domains listed below were approved, are relevant to your organization, do not contain broken links, AdSense ads or excessive commercial content.

  • danubiana.sk

Struggling with achieving full compliance?

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Ensure policy compliance

Ensure policy compliance

We will make sure all of your campaigns follow program rules. In case of account suspension we will work with Google support to resolve the problem and have it back up asap.

Identify performance gaps

Identify performance gaps

Low spend, traffic quality or CTRs are just few of common Ad Grant campaign headaches. We will analyze the historical performance, review the account and identify problematic areas.

Get  summary

Get summary

Our audit does not end by stating what the problems are. We will also deliver a comprehensive list of optimization ideas with best practice implementation examples.

Get fresh ideas

Get fresh ideas

We have reviewed hundreds of Adwords accounts. This gives us the ability to come up with fresh, high-level campaign ideas, that are often hard to find when working in the account for longer time.

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